Iconic Cars

1 August 2011

Serge Verheugen - Iconic Cars

Oil on canvas, 30 x 45 cm en 30 x 60 cm, series of about 50 cars, 2008, 2009

Fascinated by what designers could come up with between 4 wheels and 2 headlights, this series pays homage to Iconic car shapes.

Shapes we all know.

Shapes of cars we used to own, covet, drove or rode shotgun in. Cars that took us on holidays, that we counted on long drives, that broke down, that we fixed up. Cars we crashed, smoked funny cigarettes in, steamed up the windows from, or lost our virginity in. Cars we reluctantly sold, lovingly restored, had to scrap and nowadays mostly see on card games. Cars that mesmerise men, speak to women, send grandparents down memory lane and fuel children’s imagination.

Cars like they don’t make ‘m anymore.

Shapes strong as iron. Mostly made from iron. Sparse plastic. Rather just chrome.

White cars, on a white background. Really we only see shine, shadow, dark details and reflections. And orange blinkers.

Painted in oils. Blobs up close. Photographic further away.

Everywhere iconic.

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