Special Offer Birth of Change Silkscreen *** € 60,- only ***

serge verheugen - birth of change - silkscreen - 2012 - 50 x 70 cm

Birth of Change

In May 2012 I made a second sculpture in the Amsterdam Forest. I cut beams and planks from harvested trees and assisted by volunteers we made the biggest wood-sculpture in Amsterdam. Starring Andy Moral and Rex Tough. Man and dog. The work is called Birth of Change: Andy wakes up in the morning filled with new ideas and vigour. Turns out his dream bed for the night was Rex the dog. While he was sleeping, nature, instinct, feeling en power seeped into him as it were. Together with master printer Kees Maas I made a silkscreen print based on this work and enhanced it with an inspirational poem, that urges everyone to use their senses, encounter the world around them, act, and live out dreams and talents…

This silkscreen print is produced in an edition of 99. Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm.

It is priced at € 35,- unframed, or € 60,- framed in a simple white or black frame.

Call +31 (0)6 21654263 or mail to serge.verheugen@xs4all.nl  to order your print!