Andy Moral & Rex Tough: GROW

29 July 2011

Serge Verheugen - Andy Moral & Rex Tough - GROW - (photo Morad Bouchakour)

Serge Verheugen - GROW in progress

Amsterdam has got a lovely forest. Made up of many trees. Noble creatures. Cutting them down is never an easy thing. Maintaining a forest nonetheless requires felling more than the odd tree. Old sick trees, trees blocking the path of a new road or progress in general. Cutting down trees brings light into the forest. And produces great timber in the process. Beech, poplar, ash, oak. Cut into planks and beams in the forests’ sawmill. To be used for good.

Andy Moral and Rex Tough are two main characters featuring in Verheugens’ sculptures. Shaped from rectangular blocks. Man and dog. Reason and instinct. Thinking and acting. They portray little moral dilemmas. About beauty, friendship, choices, ephemeral life and love.

Collaborating with members of the public, the 3 to 4 meter high sculptures are erected in the Forest. Beech beam legs, poplar plank body, ash arms. Amsterdam Forest wood. Real wood, no cherry veneer. They stand tall amongst the trees, slowly weathering away. To be found by pedestrians and cyclist in beautiful spots throughout the forest. Big, bold, natural, wood. As if they were profound, naked trees: their wood grain turned outwards, their stories introvert, compelling and poetic.

Serge Verheugen - GROW crew

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  1. Rob says:

    Ik fiets dagelijks door het amsterdamse bos en ben iedere keer weer verbaasd en blij als ik bij de ingang van het bos dat grote houten “ding” zie staan!

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