the Love Integrator

29 July 2011

Serge Verheugen - the Love Integrator

Serge Verheugen - the Love Integrator (detail)

Leather hassock, lasered text, 3 x 3 meters, 2004

A couch is usually straight. Sitting on it with three or more people makes it communication awkward. The Love Integrator overcomes this by enabling people to sit across from each other, facing everyone at the same time. Furthermore, on the inside, a philosofical ‘pick-up line’ in 30 different languages is burned into the leather by laser. It reads: “wouldn’t it be great if we knew each other?”

The hassock as well as the underlying carpet are upholstered using leather from discarded sofa’s found in the street. Years of family use have ’emotional charged’ the material, which now in return can unleash all this built-up karma to support any conversation started on this rather large piece of furniture.

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Responses (2)

  1. Ana says:

    Love Integrator is exactly what this world needs. I look at it and I feel home. I simply felt in love with it. Keep bringing your art to this world.
    Have a nice life,

  2. heleen says:

    this love integrator has seated many of our friends. now i have moved to a smaller place, it searches a new home. if you know where that might be, please contact me. groet! heleen

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